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IVRPA at Photokina 2008

The International Virtual Reality Photography Association is an association of more than 400 panoramic photographers world-wide.

At this year's Photokina, the IVRPA presents a breathtaking exhibition of panorama photography in different forms; from panoramic prints and high resolution gigapixel panoramas to interactive 360 degree panoramas. The IVRPA organises workshops covering different topics of panoramic photography at the IVRPA booth, each day at 13:00 and 15:00.

During the show, IVRPA members will be shooting and uploading interactive 360 degree panoramas from all over the Photokina floor. These images are shown below, and more are added as the show unfolds.

Photokina 2008 panoblog

Click on the thumbnails for the interactive panoramas, or click on the title for (slightly) more information. You can also browse the VR photos by day, by location and by photographer. Finally, if you need help, or wonder how we do it, read this page.

Setting Up on Tuesday

Ian Wood
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A quick test using the new wheeled LEGO pano-robot.