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panoramic imaging is more

How it works

How to navigate fullscreen VR

After selecting one of the panoramas on the site, you will be presented with an image. But this image is interactive! You can look around in the image by placing the cursor in the middle of the image, and holding down the left mouse button while dragging the cursor gently to the left, right, top or bottom. This will rotate (pan) the image.

The further you move your mouse from the point where you initially clicked, with the left button pressed down continuously, the faster the image will spin in the direction of the mouse movement. In most panoramas on this site, you will be able to look all the way up or all the way down. If you feel you are 'stuck' looking up, release the mouse button and place the cursor back in the center of the image. Then press the mousebutton and gently drag down. The same works in the opposite direction when stuck in the downward position.

You can also zoom in on details and/or zoom out to get a wider view in most panoramas. Pressing the [SHIFT] key zooms in, while the [CTRL] (or [COMMAND]) key zooms out. In some viewers, you may have to use [A] and [Z] instead.

Making interactive VRs

Panoramic images have been with us since the dawn of photography. But today, these types of images have taken on new life, in the form of interactive images, which allow a viewer to look around and zoom in.

Virtual Reality panoramas can be created by "stitching" single images together, by using a scanning panoramic camera, or through the use of a single-shot panoramic camera. Photographers of the IVRPA roam the Photokina floors during the show to capture the events as they unfold in 360 degree panoramic VR.

To learn more about how these images are created, come visit our booth and attend one of our twice-daily introduction workshops!