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Nikon scoping out the competition?

Aldo Hoeben
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Nikon has one of the smartest setups for testing their longer zoom lenses. Most other camera vendors have some form of intricate display or stage, with models, cars, and big shows that actually have nothing to do with photography. But not Nikon. Nikon just lets interested photographers shoot the models across the hallway, at the Pentax booth. Good thinking Nikon, let the others pay for models!

Just when I was done shooting this panorama, one of the aspiring photographers down the line unwittingly undid the manfrotto quick release that was holding the 200-400 mm zoom lens and D3 camera up, and the combo nearly hit the floor. Half a minute later he was still fumbling with the quick release plate... I helped the unfortunate visitor out of his misery by reclaming the quick release. It could have ended so much worse.